Thursday, April 10, 2008


Earlier this week, I watched Kansas comeback and beat Memphis for the National Championship. I watched the post-game interviews with the coaches and the players and was troubled by some of the comments made by Memphis head coach, John Calipari.

While trying to explain how his team blew a nine point lead with less than two minutes left in regulation, Calipari began to explain that during those final minutes, he asked God that he was going to leave the outcome of the game in his hands(paraphrased). What? Are we to believe that God really wanted Kansas to win? Did God have some money riding on the game? Or, was Calipari just trying to avoid accepting his share of the blame for losing the game?

Calipari was the one who failed to call a timeout and instruct his players to foul Chalmers. Calipari, you blew it! Don't blame God because he probably doesn't even exist.


Paul Zander said...

God is actually a Kansas fan. Please do your research. Book of Job, 3rd verse, second stanza.

... infidel

Roger said...

Remember the one about the guy who drowns in the flood after numerous people give him a chance to save himself. And he gets to heaven and says to God "I thought you were going to save me!". God replies back"I tried but you wouldn't let me".

The moral of the story is: "God helps those who help themselves" God is definitely a Kansas fan. The God I believe in always goes with the winner- he's GOD for chrisake.