Monday, March 31, 2008

Opening Day and why I'm sad

Today is opening day for many MLB teams. My favorite team, the Baltimore Orioles, play the Tampa Bay Devil Rays at 7:05pm. I could care less.

I remember a time when opening day represented the 'true' first day of spring. It was a day of promise for a season of baseball that could lead to a playoff berth and possibly, a World Series. But that was a long time ago. After 10 losing seasons, I have given up those pipe-dreams and lowered my expectations of my once beloved O's. These days I look forward to them just playing for .500. Even that seems impossible for the lowly birds.

I hear there is hope though. The O's have practically gutted their team and are engaging in yet another rebuilding phase through a youth movement. So in 2-3 years we should start seeing dividends. Right? Please, someone tell me that this is what's going to happen. Who else is ready for football season?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

First bees, now bats

It now appears that bats may become extinct.
A new virus is killing them across America in the thousands. Now some of my readers might be saying out there "Good. I hate bats." What you may be forgetting is that bats eat bugs. Lot's of them. No bats=more bugs x 1,000,000,000 (I may have to check the math on this). This means camping is less fun, Malaria is less fun, and growing crops is less fun. Stock tip: Buy as many shares of OFF Bug Repellant.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Heavy sigh

The video clip below is of Bush singing at a dinner for the press and Washington elite this past Saturday. It was supposed to be off the record. In his song he jokingly recalls some of his "slips" during his tenure in the White House.

The fact that we went to war with a country based on "bad" intelligence. The fact that a White House aide committed perjury and then whose sentence was commuted by this hack. The fact that he appointed unqualified people to some of the most important positions in our government. It's all a big joke to this jerk.

Listen and cringe.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Zombie Dream update

So I had two zombie dreams Saturday night. I can't really remember the first one that well. It involved major flooding in the city and everyone had to go up to the roofs of the buildings in town. Somehow zombies got up there too. The second one more like a movie I was watching. The movie was about this fragrance company that was using cheap chemicals and the end result was a bunch of old ladies turned into zombies. A Rittenhouse Square like area in my dream was a bloodbath.

The first one came from that torrential downpour we had Saturday. I'm not sure about the second one. I don't know, my fear of old ladies perhaps?

You know it's time for the baseball season to start...

when you find yourself getting weepy at the season finale of Project Runway. What's wrong with me?

Friday, March 7, 2008

Indie Rock+Karaoke+Victory Pilsner+Patrick Swayze Cancer Jokes=Triumph!

So last night I went to an indie-rock themed karaoke event called Karaoke Obscura. It was held at 12 Steps Down on 9th and Christian. I highly recommend it to everyone.

They have an amazing list of songs to choose from. I never thought I would get to sing Palace Music in front of a live audience. The event happens on the first Thursday of every month. I already looking forward to the next one in April. I feel bad for not getting the names of the fine folks who ran the event. The great thing about them is that you can request songs to be added to the song list and it actually happens. I'm going to request more METAL. Yeah!

On a side note, the bartender Freddie was a helluva nice guy who shared some keen insight on today's younger generation.

Oh, my favorite inappropraite Patrick Swayze Cancer lines:
"Cancer don't hurt."
"Nobody puts Cancer in the corner."