Monday, March 31, 2008

Opening Day and why I'm sad

Today is opening day for many MLB teams. My favorite team, the Baltimore Orioles, play the Tampa Bay Devil Rays at 7:05pm. I could care less.

I remember a time when opening day represented the 'true' first day of spring. It was a day of promise for a season of baseball that could lead to a playoff berth and possibly, a World Series. But that was a long time ago. After 10 losing seasons, I have given up those pipe-dreams and lowered my expectations of my once beloved O's. These days I look forward to them just playing for .500. Even that seems impossible for the lowly birds.

I hear there is hope though. The O's have practically gutted their team and are engaging in yet another rebuilding phase through a youth movement. So in 2-3 years we should start seeing dividends. Right? Please, someone tell me that this is what's going to happen. Who else is ready for football season?

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Brendan Charles Huffman said...

All the more reason to root for your current home team. Go Phils, yay!